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Marketing in Atlanta can be hard to do or even harder to find a professional marketing and advertising company that does not charge $$$$ just for their services. Atlanta Marketing & Advertising is the #1 Provider of Cost Effective Marketing.

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Advertising can lead to profit or loss. You either track your advertising spend and make money or you loose it. When you start Advertising in Atlanta be sure to hire a professional advertising consultant to help turn your advertising dollars into profit.

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We offer our clients top notch marketing and advertising services in Atlanta, GA. Atlanta Marketing & Advertising stands behind their products and services so much that we are currently giving away Free Websites to new clients!

Marketing Atlanta

When Atlanta Marketing & Advertising was created, it was founded with the notion to help other local businesses and entrepreneurs build successful marketing and advertising campaigns. We did not create a business to just make money, we also created a business to help stimulate the economy. We do this by helping small businesses compete with the larger corporations.

Marketing in Atlanta can be difficult, if you have to compete with a larger corporation that has a near infinite supply of funds to advertise with. Imagine running a taxi company in today's world. You would be directly competing with Uber and LYFT. Some would consider this impossible. Those people have not contacted Atlanta Marketing and Advertising.

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In fact, there are articles published that show 98% of Google Adwords Campaigns Fail. That is due to most people receiving an advertising credit and trying to set up their own marketing and advertising campaign on Google with little to no professional assistance. You will receive some impressions, maybe some clicks and even a call or two, however an advertising campaign is not successful unless you can track the fact that you are producing profit from every dollar spent on advertising.

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