Website Design & Development

Stop paying $500-$1,000+ for a website that still requires a monthly hosting costs. Atlanta Marketing & Advertising will build you a free website and include the monthly hosting costs, updates, security and maintenance all at one low fee.

Website Hosting

Some people do not know that after you pay a web developer $500+ for a website,  you will still need to pay a hosting company a monthly hosting costs. Just to have your website online. Websites firmware and plugins need to be updated weekly! This is vital to security and stability.

Daily Website Backups

Atlanta Marketing & Advertising is here to handle your businesses online needs, you will receive daily website backups. This means you website can be instantly restored to yesterdays version, if something were to ever happen.

Up-time Monitoring

Whenever your website is hosted, built and managed with Atlanta Marketing, you will receive daily Up-time Monitoring. That means if your website ever goes down or offline for any reason, we will be the first to know and fix it fast!

Website Security

We protect our clients websites with weekly website security checks and active virus/malware protection. Rest assured your website is in good hands with Atlanta Marketing.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a vital part to your websites rankings online. SEO is just a fancy  acronym to describe just how Friendly or Optimized your website is for Search Engines. The Majority of SEO happens Site Side with some happening off site.

Google Rankings

It is no secret. Google is the #1 website in the entire world. More people go to Google and search for things than any other website.. ever. That is why Google and Google Pages leads to more customers and new leads than any other search engine or page on the internet. That is why you need to hire a Google Adwords Certified Professional.

Profitable Marketing

No matter how you want to advertise, Atlanta Marketing & Advertising is here to help. We provide professional Google Adwords Certified and Bing Accredited Partners to help get the job done. Rest assured that you will have a full fledged marketing team on your side.

Customer Service

Above everything that we offer at Atlanta Marketing and Advertising, is Customer Service. We strive to provide customer service that would make Chick-fil-a jealous. Honestly, it is refreshing when our customers tell us how satisfied they are with our customer service. This is One of the true free services that we provide that some companies do not.

Get Your Free Website!

Get a Free Website from Atlanta Marketing & Advertising Today! Get started with your free website, website evaluation, business ideas, or even business name brain storming! We truly do it all.